The ultimate in women’s group travel–

with a sexy twist!

StripTrips provide immersive, all-inclusive, women-only, expertly-curated sexy adventures for grown and sexy women looking for an escape of their own!

For today’s modern woman, life can be busy, stressful, taxing. We spend all our time giving to everyone…but ourselves.


You’re longing for more–but you don’t know what.

You just know that you need–wantcan’t live without–

something more…

something just for yourself.


The anticipation of a fun escape on the horizon makes all the hard work worth it.

It gives us a pep in our step, energy to keep going, something to work towards.

Memories to last a lifetime.

Looking for the sexy girls’ trip of your life–

One with major WOW factor–

But you don’t have the right person to do it with–

Or the time to plan it–

Nor do you want to do it alone?

With over 25 StripTrips booked since 2016

serving 285 unique guests so far

With over a hundred guests returning for their second, third, fourth, or fifth StripRetreat

That’s more than a third of all retreat guests coming back for more

With some guests returning as many as a dozen times

Traveling to exciting locations both domestically–

Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, romantic and mysterious New Orleans, the rocky coast of Maine–

As well as bucket-list destinations globally–

Costa Rica, Scotland, Spain, Iceland, Belize–

Lux’s retreats are truly life changing.

She brings women together from all walks of life and facilitates complete freedom and raw expression – without judgment. Lux, as well as the many diverse women I’ve met through StripTrips, have lifted and grown my soul immeasurably. Her retreats instill a healthy sense of self care, self importance, and self indulgence every woman needs and deserves.

— Natasha Fine, 44

Pole Studio Owner/Principal Instructor, Knoxville, TN

We have the know-how,

the expertise,

and the team…

to curate a seamless experience that exceeds your expectations and delights your senses! 

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Curious about past StripTrips?

Look no further…

StripTrips are the ultimate in women’s group travel–
with a sexy twist!

Take everything you think about women’s retreats, throw out all the corny shit, and inject down-to-earth realness with grown-ass women who want a good time and the opportunity to feel gorgeous, sexy, and alive.


Every StripTrip I have gone on has been incredible.

The places and people involved with each Strip Trip are amazing. In the past few years I have been trying to find my authentic self, these retreats have played an important part in that journey. I’ve created lifelong friendships and made so many memories. I love also spending time with Lux, her zest for life is contagious and I’m a better person because she’s in my life. Thank you Lux for creating such a wonderful space for women to be themselves.

— Courtney Kroymann, 40

SAHM, Seattle, WA

A safe, encouraging space to be a sensual goddess and break free of insecurity.

There is an aspect of deep intimacy to these retreats and I do not mean physical intimacy–in the course of a few days, you get to know people’s darkest secrets, deepest insecurities, and have the opportunity to discuss the good and the bad of the things that simply make us human. Each retreat brings together women from all different backgrounds to create a perfectly curated community of badassery.

— Courtney Kroymann, 40

SAHM, Seattle, WA


Do something–totally different.

Attend a StripTrip.

Enrollment begins soon

Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

Fantasy Stripper Playhouse

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