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Fantasy Stripper Playhouse

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About Me

Lux, a white woman with short dark hair, smiles in front of a red background. She is wearing large hoop earrings and a black lace shirt with a plunging V-neckline.

Nice to meet you…

My name is Lux ATL–that’s Dr. Lindsay Byron if you’re feeling fancy–and I am the founder of Stripcraft, a playground of sensual movement and sexy travel providing GOOD TIMES for BAD GIRLS worldwide since 2014!



in dance

with me today.

New Girls

Feeling curious?

Wanna test the waters?

Hey, new girl–start here.

Sample the sensual smorgasbord of Stripcraft with a video lesson series!

School of Stripcraft

Make sensual embodiment and female friendship a way of life.

Twice weekly, join Lux ATL and the Stripcraft team online for sensual movement instruction and physical conditioning–all from the comfort of your home!

This year-long academy combines dance education and female fellowship to create good times for bad girls across the globe!

Women wearing lingerie in a pole dancer studio learn to twerk on their hands and knees
Lux wears black lingerie and expresses sensuality while pole dancing. Her hair is flipping through the air and one leg is in motion to pull her up onto the pole.
Women in stilettos and lingerie lie on the ground and hold their legs straight up in the air in front of a mirrored wall of an exotic dancer studio
Lux laughs while teaching students how to be a stripper in a mirror-walled pole dancer studio

Women’s group travel

with a sexy twist.


A woman jumping from a high rock does a midair toe-touch split as women watch from the natural pool below during an exotic woman's escape
Women dancing in a rustic studio express sensuality and the divine feminine in an exotic dancer class
A woman traveling alone sits in the ocean and flings water into the air gleefully, her hands above her head and a smile on her face
Women laugh while learning to pole dance at the best location for women travelers
Two women at a Lux ATL retreat wear sequined costumes in a grand New Orleans-style room with floor to ceiling curtains and a chandelier

Live out your fantasies in

luxury locations worldwide

on a StripTrip!

From the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, to the coastline of Spain, to our own private Caribbean island and beyond, StripTrips are all-inclusive, women-only, expertly-curated sexy adventures in mansions around the world!

Fantasy Stripper Playhouse

Receive a new dance instructional video or an inspirational article every day for a week to kickstart your sensual movement journey

Enrollment begins soon

Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

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