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Are you curious?

Wanna test the waters?

Invite your sexy side out to play?

Hey, new girl–start here.

Sample the sensual smorgasbord of Stripcraft with a video lesson series!

A woman in black lacy lingerie teaches how to be a stripper in a sexy squatting pose
New Girls 2

From crowd-pleasing twerk techniques, to slinky floorwork that will make you feel like a goddess, each video series features bite-sized, step-by-step instruction and friendly inspiration from yours truly, Lux ATL!

Throw on your booty shorts and press play–

And start learning with ya girl today!

Learn top stripper moves for the stage and home

Over the course of eight easy-to-follow (and hilarious) lessons, the Spellbook breaks down popular stripper moves in a way anyone can understand!

8 lessons | $50

Slither your way into a seductive floor routine

Leg fans, slinky crawls, and a seductive mood set the tone in this six-video floorwork series! Learn a simple, yummy choreography sure to have you crawling and sliding across that floor!

6 lessons  |  $25

Master your bounce with easy breakdowns of popular twerk moves

It’s time to bounce, pop, and whine your way into a rounder booty and a damn good time! Each lesson, you will learn a new skill–and add to a growing twerk choreography!

6 lessons | $25

Strut, pose, and pirouette through a fierce heels choreography

In this six part video series, learn a sassy song-length choreography that takes you to the floor and back! If you’ve ever wanted to strut like the Pussycat Dolls–then this series is for you!

6 lessons  |  $25


These videos were made for you, babe! Designed to be accessible for new dancers, each of these series provides a great starting point for the skill sets fundamental to sensual movement!

A lil’ corner of a room will do the trick for your dance space. A mirror is a bonus, but not required. You’ll also want a yoga mat and some comfy stretchy leggings. Knee pads for floorwork and booty work are recommended but not required to get started.

I recommend watching one a week, and practicing the skills within throughout that week.

Enrollment begins soon

Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

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