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It’s a whole

Move your body, relax your mind, and fall in love with yourself (and your new friends)–from the comfort of your home every week at the School of Stripcraft!
Former stripper and instructor Lux helps women learn to dance virtually, standing in front of a laptop screen in a room lit by neon signs

One year of sensual movement, floorwork, and pole dance starts in January 2024!

Learn from the comfort of your home…with the option of an in-person, end-of-the-year celebration in Atlanta at the Stripcraft Spectacular!

Enrollment is Open…. Snag your spot today!

    SOS is the most supportive space that I’ve ever been in.

    We’re from all parts of the country and all kinds of backgrounds, but we’ve come together to explore movement and self-discovery. What started as zoom meetings has blossomed into so much more. Classmate connections have become friendships, and virtual buds have become real-life friends. Lux has built a true community.

    — Cyn, 32

    lawyer in California

    A woman in floral lingerie holds a sexy pose and helps other women learn to dance

    At the School of Stripcraft,

    it is our mission to help you...

    A woman in pole dancer lingerie stands in a studio with other students who want to learn to dance.

    …reignite your body and heart.

    …find joy and confidence in yourself.

    …appreciate the body you are in, right now.

    A woman’s long blonde hair flies through the air as she twirls around a pole in a pole dancer studio with other students who want to learn to dance.
    A tattooed woman wears lingerie and glasses and holds a sexy squatting pose in a neon-lit room with a stripper pole in the background as she helps other women learn to dance.
    A woman who wants to learn to dance crouches and swivels around a stripper pole in a pole dancer class.
    Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

    …challenge that body to become stronger and more flexible.

    …enjoy opportunities to perform–and watch!

    …create bonds with other women.

    …make sensual embodiment and female friendship a way of life.

    Married for 18 years and with a 14 year old, I’m feeling stuck in life and out of touch with my body. I signed up for SoS in order to get some movement and to get some sexy back. I’m certainly not a great dancer or very flexible, but the women have been body-positive, encouraging, and enthusiastic.

    I feel so sexy and confident after class!

    Lux has created a wonderful community and I am so glad I decided to join!

    — Karyn, 46

    IT business analyst in Minnesota

    The School of Stripcraft is a year-long program that includes:

    Our Schedule

    Women in a cabin wear sexy clothes and dance sensually.

    Sensual Sundays

    7:30 – 9 pm EST

    Floorwork, wall work, heels dance, and chair dance

    Each Sunday, join Lux for a 90-minute sensual movement extravaganza! We’ll warm-up with a seductive flow before moving to skill instruction and beginner-friendly choreography in the realm of floorwork, wall-work, heels dance, and chair dance. Stripcraft cornerstone activities like Group Seduction and Tip Rail provide ample opportunity to perform–and watch! Ooo-la-la!

    Lux wears black lingerie and expresses sensuality while pole dancing. Her hair is flipping through the air and one leg is in motion to pull her up onto the pole.

    Twirly Tuesdays

    8 – 9 pm EST

    Pole dance

    Every Tuesday, join Lux for a beginner-friendly pole flow session that forefronts  stage presence and self-expression. You will learn a choreography that leaves room for interpretation and flair, as well as provides you with a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of pole dance. Spin, grind, and slither your way into captivating your fellow students at the end of class! This is the inspiration and practice you need to develop into a confident babe on the pole.

    A woman in workout gear smiles while flexing her bicep muscle.

    Strong and Flexy Thursdays

    7:30 –  8 pm EST
    Strength and flexibility training

    Every Thursday, get your fine azz in gear with our resident personal trainer, former NBA dancer and lifelong fitness professional Desiree Nathanson. Over the course of half an hour, you will lift, stretch, and squat your way into greater strength and flexibility to support your sensual movement journey!

    Can't attend live?

    Every class will be recorded and you can watch at your leisure throughout the year while you’re a student.

    I wanted a place to hold myself accountable, to deepen my relationship with my sensuality, express myself freely, and feel supported by other women. SoS has provided all of these and so much more. It has revived my soul and reminded me of who I am, and the

    beautiful, sexy dancer that lives within.

    — Susan, 39

    massage therapist and yoga instructor in New York

    The School of Stripcraft is divided into two six-month semesters.

    In the first semester, students learn sensual movement techniques within the structure of a choreography designed by yours truly, with the opportunity to perform in a virtual recital for your classmates in the summer.

    In the second semester, we’re bringing in more advanced skill sets, and students will build their own choreography that incorporates these techniques.

    Lux ATL sits smiling in front of a laptop, holding a glass of wine and teaching women how to be a stripper
    A woman on a girls' trip wears a sequined red dress and dances against a pole in the center of a pink-lit rustic cabin room with supportive classmates watching.

    Students choose which classes fit their interests and schedule….

    …and with replays of every class available, you don’t have to worry about missing out or getting behind!

    I was hesitant to join School of Stripcraft, because I tend to sign up for stuff and never follow through…

    but this has been something that I look forward to every week!

    The group of women are awesome, Lux and Desiree are awesome, and the amount of confidence I have gained is so valuable, as well as a new passion and creative outlet. Highly recommend, and I hope to keep dancing with these women in the future!

    — Courtney Kroymann, 40

    SAHM, Seattle, WA

    Here are some of the skills you can expect to learn…

    Pink linework illustration of a female body wearing lingerie with a fishnet background and enclosed in a diamond shape

    Sensual fundamentals, such as your stage strut and body rolls

    Purple linework illustration of a woman wearing lingerie holding her legs straight up in the air with a fishnet background and enclosed in a diamond shape

    Leg work, such as leg fans and heel clacks

    Pink linework illustration of the butt of a woman wearing lingerie, with a pole and fishnet pattern In the background and enclosed in a diamond shape

    Twerk skills, such as isolations and booty bouncing

    Purple linework illustration of a female body wearing lingerie and doing floor work with a fishnet background and contained in a diamond shape

    Floorwork, such as stage crawls

    School of Stripcraft Enrollment Is Now Open!

    School of Stripcraft Online Only

    The Full-year School of Stripcraft includes twelve months of weekly Sensual Sundays and mid-week Strong and Flexy conditioning classes.

    $1,800 total

    or 12 monthly payments of $150

    I was looking to revitalize my love of movement and feel more comfortable in my sensuality. SoS has given me that and so much more. I’m more confident; I get to dance with badass goddesses every week, and it’s felt like a reawakening of who I’ve always wanted to be.

    I cannot recommend SoS enough!

    — Lex, 28

    marketing manager in Oregon

    Enrollment is closed!

    Will you join us?

    Enrollment begins soon

    Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

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