About Lux ATL and Stripcraft

My name is Lux ATL–that’s Dr. Lindsay Byron if you’re feelin’ fancy–and I am the founder of Stripcraft, a playground of sensual movement and sexy travel providing GOOD TIMES for BAD GIRLS worldwide since 2014!

A series of hardships colored my youth, and the moment I turned eighteen, I hit the strip club stage. 

(Read all about it in Too Pretty To Be Good, my memoir.)

Around that same time, I also began a long academic journey that would ultimately land me in the frustrating role of underpaid and uninspired university instructor.

By 2013, I had two careers: one teaching college English, and another dancing at the gentleman’s club up the road–

and I was burned out on both.

I didn’t know what I wanted for my life–but I knew–

It wasn’t this.

Incidentally, around this time, my writing and pole dance videos began to go viral online.

These were still the early days of social media.

I suspected this whole “Lux ATL” thing could be harnessed into a career.

So in 2014, I invented a ninety-minute workshop entitled “Stripcraft” in which I taught sensual movement and seduction skills to normal women from all walks of life. My students shimmied; they laughed; they seduced one another. But more than that–they reconnected with their bodies. Felt beautiful. Confident. Alive.

I realized–damn, there’s something to this.

Women wearing lingerie in a pole dancer studio learn to twerk on their hands and knees
Lux wears black lingerie and expresses sensuality while pole dancing. Her hair is flipping through the air and one leg is in motion to pull her up onto the pole.
Women in stilettos and lingerie lie on the ground and hold their legs straight up in the air in front of a mirrored wall of an exotic dancer studio

And so I took Stripcraft on tour–

All over the world. 

Australia. New Zealand. Canada. Jamaica. The USA. The UK. 

Today, thousands of women worldwide have attended a live Stripcraft workshop. 

I initially thought Stripcraft would be an exciting blip, an iconic one-time workshop, a transformative moment in women’s lives–

from which we would then part ways.

Instead, we started traveling the world together. 

From a log cabin in the misty mountains of Tennessee, to an oceanfront jungle mansion in Costa Rica, to a 700-year-old country estate on the coast of Spain, and beyond–

A group of women embody the divine feminine by posing together on the rocks of an exotic waterfall
Two women on a women's group vacation take a selfie on a tour bus
At a women's retreat, a woman wearing a pearl mask and an emerald green satin dress with nude illusion cutaways on the bodice stands in front of a staircase
Six women wearing pole dancer outfits enjoy a girls' weekend in a neon-lit cabin

StripTrips provide
sexy adventures
for grown women
looking for an escape.

A small monkey strides across a metal handrail in front of an exotic seascape

On StripTrips

women live out a fantasy
so few of us get to experience:

to be the bombshell on stage, a starlet dancing to the cheers of the crowd–

all while luxuriating in a mansion located in a bucket-list destination.

A woman in a green bikini and stilettos leads a pole dancer class in a studio lit with neon pink
Lux ATL dances in lingerie and fishnets in a neon-lit studio while teaching a remote class on how to be a stripper
Lux ATL sits smiling in front of a laptop, holding a glass of wine and teaching women how to feel sexy again

In 2020, I realized I had to find a way to capture the magic of StripTrips in your own home.  

So I invented an online academy of sensual movement that would ultimately evolve into The School of Stripcraft.

At The School of Stripcraft, move your body, relax your mind, and fall in love with yourself (and your new friends)–from the comfort of your home every week via live interactive dance and fitness sessions led by yours truly, Lux ATL, and the Stripcraft team!  

After having my second baby in 2022, teaching–and participating in–the School of Stripcraft has helped me come back to myself, my body, my sense of excitement about my own life. 

Stripcraft has changed everything for me–

And thousands of other women, too. 

Lux, a white woman with short dark hair, smiles in front of a fuchsia background. She is wearing large hoop earrings and a black lace shirt with a plunging V-neckline

Serving up good times for bad girls worldwide since 2014, 

Stripcraft provides the ultimate playground for grown and sexy women, both in person and online.

Come get you some.


Enrollment begins soon

Women on a girls’ weekend laugh and learn to dance in a rustic studio

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