This time…
we’re renting our own island.

Experience the ultimate in

tits-out living


high-end luxury

on our own private island at Stripwrecked!

December 6–13, 2025

From the moment we meet at the international airport in Belize, to our short flight together on a private airplane, to a quick boat trip to our own private island… 


to a welcome cocktail from friendly staff dedicated to predicting our every need… to long days spent skinny-dipping in the crystal clear waters and napping by the pool…

to meal after meal of made-to-order Belizean treats at our own oceanfront restaurant… to free drinks all day long, handcrafted by our personal bartender…

to afternoons snorkeling in UNESCO-protected world-class coral reefs… to tits-out day parties and early bedtimes...

to spa days, and adventurous nights… to seafood and suntans and floppy hats and luxury beyond your wildest imagination–

Escape with ya girl
(and twenty other bodacious babes)
to our own 12-acre fully-staffed

Private Caribbean Island

at Stripwrecked!

This StripTrip sold out to my top clients before it ever hit public launch, but you can grab a spot on the waitlist here!

It’s gonna go something like this…

Sleep in one of nine private cabanas scattered along our 12-acre island….

Enjoy a big, soft bed, buttery sheets, and ocean views from your pillow…

a spacious bathroom with a luxurious rain shower… all the privacy you desire, with easy access to friends….


With prices starting at $400 a month–whatever your taste, we’ve got a spot in paradise for you!


Whole Island

Full staff.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two StripTrips, and am about to attend my third. What I love most about these trips (besides hanging out with badass women) is not having to plan anything except my flight. I am shy and take some time to get out of my shell, but Lux knows how to bring amazing personalities that have fun together. There is nothing you have to do and no pressure to be anything but yourself!

The joys of jumping through waterfalls or taking topless pictures… 

all the fresh fruit, and yoga during a jungle storm….Stripcabana reinvigorated me and made me see my beauty again. I can’t wait to go back!

— Melissa, 41

Software Account Manager in Texas

Skinny-dipping, feasting, strollin’ the surf like tropical queens….

Experience a vacation beyond your wildest dreams at Stripwrecked.

Picture it:

Wake in the morning and walk from your front porch directly into the warm ocean, mere yards from your bed… 

Laugh with your homegirls over a hearty breakfast (and lunch, and dinner), cooked to order as you gaze upon the turquoise horizon…

Pile into the boat for a guided snorkeling trip around some of the world's most lively reefs. Keep your eyes open for sea turtles, manta rays, and schools of rainbow-colored fish… 

Order a post-swim cocktail from the full-service bar and take a topless nap by the infinity pool...

Dress up pretty for a fancy candlelit dinner on the beach…

Then meet Lux in her bungalow for a sexy gathering of sea sirens!

Spend seven whole nights this way.

At Stripwrecked, don’t worry about a thing...

besides making sure that booty is covered in sunscreen!

From the moment you arrive in Belize to the moment you head home, we take care of everything

⛵ Your travel to and from our private island…

😋 Three meals (and a snack!) every day…

🍹 Handcrafted cocktails from our bartender…

🥳 Theme parties, snorkeling tours, lap dance extravaganzas…

👯 Silly talent shows…

💖 Heartfelt moments under the stars…

🏝️ And of course, all the high-end accommodations and amenities that you’ve come to expect from StripTrips…

Simply pack your sunscreen and a smile…
We handle the rest!

Here’s the schedule…

Day One

Saturday, December 6, 2025

Welcome to our private paradise!

After an adventurous afternoon traveling via puddle-jumper and boat, we’ll kick off our heavenly vacay with a welcome cocktail, a tour of the island, and a relaxing dinner. Rest up, because tomorrow will be lit!


Sunday, December 7, 2025

“XXX-Mas on the Beach” Day Party

Grab your Santa hat and your dreidel, because today we celebrate the holiday season with a day party on the beach! Sip on a seasonal cocktail and join in the twerk competition as Mariah reminds us that all she wants for Christmas is you. Ho Ho Ho, indeed!

Day Three

Monday, December 8, 2025

A Day Your Way

Do whatever you want, whenever you want, all day long. The day is yours with zero obligations.

Day Four

Tuesday, December 9, 2025

World Class Snorkeling + Water Sports

Our private island sits on the edge of a UNESCO-protected coral reef. Hop on the boat today, and enjoy a guided snorkeling tour! Keep your eyes peeled for sea turtles, parrotfish, spiny urchins, sea fans, and manta rays. Still looking for more marine adventure? Grab a kayak, paddleboard, or the Hobie Cat, and sail out for a spin!

Day Five

Wednesday, December 10, 2025

Massages + Candlelit Beach Dinner

In the day, relax your cares away with a massage. In the evening, take a hot shower and slip into something pretty for a fancy dinner by candlelight on the beach. It’s date night, baby!

Day Six

Thursday, December 11, 2025

Birthday Suit Talent Show

A number of our esteemed guests have birthdays during this week…. Therefore, it’s time to celebrate with a Birthday Suit Talent Show! Your challenge is to perform a talent for the group…that somehow ends with you wearing nada! We’ll close out the party with a lap dance train for our birthday girls. What a way to celebrate!

Day Seven

Friday, December 12, 2025

A Day Your Way + Farewell Dinner

Enjoy another day with zero obligations and total relaxation before meeting the homies for one last dinner together in paradise.

Day Eight

Saturday, December 13, 2025


The entire group departs together from the island and returns to the Belize international airport.

Each guest will receive a glamorous photo shoot with our resident photographer, Cindy Harter Sims. Photoshoots will be scheduled individually.

What’s included:

Other than your flight to Belize… EVERYTHING.

No, seriously…
  • Your transfer by plane and boat to our private island
  • All your food
  • All your drinks (domestic liquors only)
  • Your utterly insane lodging
  • Snorkeling excursion
  • A dreamy massage
  • A glamorous photoshoot
  • Unlimited usage of kayaks, paddleboards, Hobie Cats and more…
…All included!

Choose your room:

Solo Cabana

Space and privacy are king in your own private cabana on the beach!   Wake in your king bed to a view of the Caribbean Sea. Step outside your door and feel your toes in the sand! This cabana features a spacious bathroom with rain shower, a large veranda, a mini-kitchen…and it’s all yours!

$9500 – payment plans are available

Shared Cabana

Share one of these private cabanas with a friend…  there’s plenty of room in the king size bed!

$8000 – payment plans are available

Solo King Suite in Shared Villa

Enjoy your own king suite in our incredible overwater villa!  This unique accommodation offers space, luxury, and instant access to the island’s best snorkeling and dive sites. The villa includes a fully equipped kitchen, should you feel inspired to prepare your own special cocktail or a cup of fresh coffee. Your own spacious bathroom with a rain shower awaits at the end of a long day!

$9000 – payment plans are available

Shared King Suite in Shared Villa

Share a king bed in one of our villa king suites… the more the merrier!

$8250 – payment plans are available

Solo Twin in a Shared Room in Shared Villa

Enjoy your own twin bed in a shared room in our overwater reef villa!

$8500 – payment plans are available


Only as sexy as you want it to be! At Stripwrecked, you’ll experience the rare opportunity to express your sexy side without any expectations whatsoever of actual sex. The vibe is one of sensual sisterhood, where everyone’s boundaries are communicated and respected. Not the kind of gal who wants boobs in her face? That’s okay–we have cute cat ears you can wear to communicate that boundary! Are you the kind of gal who loves boobs in her face? Leave the cat ears on the table! Lux makes it easy and painless for everyone to make their boundaries clear with cute visual markers. No awkwardness necessary!

Absolutely, yes. Many of our guests choose to strip down to their birthday suits while they entertain one another, or just hang out. They also often choose to swim in the buff. You are under no pressure to do the same, but if nudity offends you, a StripTrip may not be your best vacation choice.

Absolutely. Many of our guests do not identify themselves as dancers…. But I bet you change your mind by the time you leave!

Lots of non-drinkers attend StripTrips. We have even hosted our fair share of pregnant pals! There are plenty of ways to have fun at a StripTrip–no alcohol required.

You got it! We collect information on your dietary restrictions in advance of the event and our chefs will provide meals suitable to each guest’s needs!

What surprised me the most, and my favorite part of the experience: what you see on the internet is what you get, and yes –

what you get is WILD.

But there is zero pressure around anything. I was terrified that I was too quiet, weird, covered up, repressed, and shy to go – and what I walked into instead was a group of women who immediately accepted me as I was with no judgment and no expectations. I didn’t spend a single moment feeling othered for ‘not fitting in.”’ There wasn’t a single situation where I felt pressured to be wild and crazy when I didn’t want to be (and when I did, I just got hyped the f*ck up)! To this day I have not found another place or event where it felt safe to just exist with no mask that quickly.

It was freeing.  I’m thankful for that experience every day.

— Amanda, 37

Operations Manager at a Talent Agency in California

Enrollment begins soon

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